In the earlier days, the faces of our favorite players were often covered in thick layers of white. It wasn't some magical balm or moisturizer. Good ol' sunscreen protection shielded them from the harmful rays of the sun. 

So, what do our beloved cricketers and athletes look for in their sunscreen? We found out so you can apply that knowledge to end the search for your perfect sunscreen! 

  • Half A Century In SPF 
  • Cricketers spend up to 8 hours in the sun during regular practice sessions and matches. The sun's UV rays can penetrate deep into their skin, damaging the very DNA of the skin cells. Thus, leading to abnormal skin growth, a.k.a. skin cancer! 

    Players choose sunscreens with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50+. Why? The higher the SPF, the longer you stay protected from sun damage, lowering their risk of getting skin cancer. A high SPF of 50+ also gives better protection against sun damage. It keeps their skin tone bright by preventing redness, tanning, and dark spots even after staying long hours in the sun. 

    Here are some SPF rules they follow & you should too if you want the best performance from a sunscreen - 

    • They apply at least 3 finger-lengths worth of sunscreen across their face, neck, and ears to get enough coverage. 
    • They apply sunscreen to the back of their necks too. 
    • They re-apply their sunscreen every 2 hours religiously. 

    Secret Tip: Athletes use gel sunscreens like Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++  to prevent the greasy, sticky feel even after reapplication. 

    1. PA+++ To Knock Out Early Signs Of Ageing 

    The sun's UVA rays penetrate much deeper into the the skin’s layers than UVB rays. UVB rays are the main cause of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Cricketers choose PA+++ for maximum protection against UVB rays to keep their skin looking firm and young on and off the field. Remember, they are also celebrities who feature heavily in ads and photoshoots. They need to keep their skin picture-perfect even after retirement!

    1. Free From Toxins 

    High-profile celebrities, cricketers included, only trust skincare products clinically tested by dermatologists. They can't risk an angry break-out on a shoot day! 

     Apart from getting our dermatologically tested sunscreens, we also ensured they were free from skin-damaging ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. 

    1. Water-Proof and Sweat Resistant For The Champs 

    Sweating profusely on the field swinging sixers back-to-back is excellent for the score-card but terrible for sun protection. Humidity and sweat wash away the shield. That's why players had to pile on layers upon layers of sunscreen. And frequently reapply, breaking the pace of the game. 

    1. Keeps Skin Calm so that They Can Carry On! 

    Chamomile flower is a powerful storehouse of soothing antioxidants like matricin, bisabolol and chamazulene. Here’s how it benefits your skin when applied before going out in the sun - 

    • Keeps your skin cool & calm preventing redness 
    • Prevents skin darkening with its natural whitening properties 
    • Delays the formation of fine lines & wrinkles due to sun damage with its potent anti-oxidants 

    Similarly, calendula flower is packed with natural anti-microbial properties and antioxidants that’s been proven to benefit skin in the following ways 

    • Soothes itchyness, redness & irritation that can be caused by sun exposure 
    • It’s potent anti-oxidants prevent pollution & environmental stressors from damaging skin cells 
    • The natural oils present in calendula keeps skin hydrated & soft preventing dryness & flakiness after facing the harsh sun. 

    Infused with these two natural ingredients, the cruelty-free formula of the Safe Sun Sports Daily-Defence UV Block SPF 50+ is godsent for sensitive skin types and the young sporty champs of India. If you're looking for a sunscreen SPF 50 for oily skin that lends an elegant finish, your search can end with this beauty! 

    The Biggest Skincare Lesson To Learn From Punjab King Players 

    Don't let the fear of a tan, sunburn or damage hold you back from enjoying in the sun. Instead choose the right sunscreen to preserve the health & beauty of your skin while you bask in the warmth & glory of the shining star. 

    Lotus Herbals sunscreen everyday, protects your skin come what may!

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